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Story & mission
Our school was founded in 1871. First, there was an institution for boys, sons of high-ranking immigrants. Since 1930 this is a private school for gifted kids from all over the world. Our mission is to create enabling environment to identify everyone's potential in tuition, get acquainted with different types of practices.
Why we are innovate
Our school developed a new approach to help children to start their education in a special atmosphere and develop their special abilities
  • Small groups in classes
    Our school has a small classes orientation. There are 7–10 pupils in a class. So all processes are near to private format of education.
  • Native Speakers
    All our pupils learn several foreign languages. And most classes of a program are curated by native speakers from differen countries.
  • Additional program
    A school has a main base education system and provides a set of subjects to each student for separate learning. These classes are held in the extra time
  • Desirable system of directions
    If you understand that some additional class is unsuitable, you can try some another to understand your predisposition.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Program and directions
Our school offers sets of required classes and an additional program like programming classes.
Main program
All types of classes include base programs and specific directions in accordance with a desire of each pupil and his abilities.
Additional Program
This program is a set of out-of-class activities, which are not included in main programm.
Summer camp
Every summer there is an opportunity for every student to go to Summerset camp in Belgium for free
Boarding school
Our school offers services of boarding school or half-boarding school
2 162 of our graduates are in prestige colleges and Academies
7–10 pupils in a group. This system is near to private lessons
More than 2000 candidates every year
Directors, mentors and teachers
All our teachers are high-qualified and native speakers professionals. All of them develop their own programs for Additional programs.
  • Max Holden
    Spanish native speaker
  • Eva Stark
    English native speaker
  • Melisa Watson
    English native speaker
  • Melisa Watson
    German native speaker
  • Melisa Watson
    French native speaker
  • Wane Bruks
    English native speaker
Do you have any questions?
There is list of Frequently Asked Questions for parents about admission, timetable of classes, facilities and other significant questions
  • Katie:
    How to admit the School?
    Parents and future pupil should come to the interview to communicate and compose a test for parents and a kid.
  • Mandy
    What documentation do I need?
    Parents need their passports, wedding contract if they have, their BC and a BC of a kid.
  • Charlotte
    Can my 5 years old son admit the school?
    This question is for interview only. We take to our school kids from 6, but sometimes we make an exception.
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