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Venus Bliss™ Fat Reduction

Fat Deposits
Despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, some areas of the body can retain fat that's resistant to diet and exercise
Unwanted Body Bulges
Localized bulges on areas like the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and arms that can make clothing fit poorly and affect self-confidence
Dissatisfaction with Body Contour
A feeling that one's silhouette lacks the desired definition or shape
Cellulite Concerns
Visible dimpling and uneven skin texture, often referred to as "orange peel" skin, predominantly found in areas like thighs and buttocks
Venus Bliss™
Fat Reduction
The Venus Bliss™ stands out as a multifunctional laser lipolysis system. It combines two high-demand technologies, ensuring versatility in patient treatment without the need for multiple machines or added expenses. Its 1064 nm diode laser applicators facilitate lipolysis, effectively targeting fat cells in the abdomen and flanks. In a study involving 30 participants, post-treatment ultrasound evaluations showed a significant decrease in adipose layer thickness for most participants. Moreover, 75% of these patients expressed satisfaction with their outcomes, reporting a comfortable experience with an average pain score of 2.6 on the Wong Baker Scale.
Additionally, Venus Bliss™ is equipped with the (MP)² applicator featuring VariPulse™ technology. This separate treatment mode provides an opportunity to refine the abdominal region and concurrently address cellulite concerns in other body areas.

  • Reduced Fat Deposits:
    Noticeable reduction in stubborn fat pockets, especially in areas like the abdomen and flanks
  • Cellulite Improvement
    Reduction and smoothing of cellulite in treated areas, leading to more even skin texture
  • Confidence Boost
    Enhanced body image can lead to increased self-confidence and satisfaction with one's appearance
  • Safe and Proven Results
    Outcomes backed by clinical studies and positive patient feedback

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